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Accenture facilitates unilever with the flow to cloud-based buying and selling and advertising


Unilever has signed an Accenture Accenture Accreditation Agreement (TPM) and Accenture Cloud Retail Execution (RE) to create an unmarried gadget for change and advertising operations.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, the Accenture Cloud Solutions Accentures combine the front workspace patron elements of commercial enterprise understanding and Salesforce CRM solution with included cloud, cellular, social, statistical, and synthetic intelligence abilities.

With the help of the conversion to the cloud response, Unilever might be able to integrate its cell applications, unify its back and front office statistics, and decorate their buying and selling and income sports.

Accenture was also selected to provide Accenture NewsPage so that Unilever can simultaneously set up an unmarried device to control its 0.33 party distribution community.

“State-of-the-art customers are better-off, more knowledgeable and more digitally savvy, making them more prone to change over and toughen harder, so patronized gadgets companies want to increase art work getting more extreme with their buyers to power,” said John Zealley, Senior Handling Director of Accenture Customer Projects & Care Institution. “We are thrilled with Unilever’s work to support the virtual connections with their customers through our superiors and to integrate the capabilities within the front of the work.” With the help of information customer options and their evolving requirements, Unilever is in truth in the reworking market Is nicely placed to maintain a market-leading function. ”

“This agreement is a strategic desire based primarily on the skills and capabilities Accenture and Salesforce have in the era and virtual world, in addition to a longer song recording of a successful partnership,” said Gonzalo Esposto, IT vice president At Unilever. “We maintain a main function within the market in most people of our four hundred manufacturers and improving our alternative and profits sport will help us to improve that position.” Similarly, the implementation of Accenture Cloud near the loop within the planning and execution will lead to boom revenue and improve patronage and reduce IT spending. ”

“We live at the age of the buyer where the whole lot and every other issue is new and exciting,” said Cindy Bolt, SVP Salesforce Industries, Manufacturing and Customer Products. “Consumers such as Unilever, the use of this new cloud, cell, social and statistical generation technology, alongside those deployed through Accenture Cloud TPM and Accenture Cloud RE, will no longer be able to deliver seamless customer references, new ones Things of sales also create. “


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