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Android wear updates disappear with wizards and reminders


It’s … not the best time to put an Android on 2.zero smartwatch on your wrist. Owners report insects with the portable software, which either have been thought out or seem to be due to recent updates.

Google Assistant is completely broken for some customers – if you want to control your wise lighting or set a timer, you can not be lucky.

The opposite error has been implemented for some time. Android wearers had problems with Android put falsely mark recurring memories as finished, and this was assumed that had been constant in a patch. However, the users document that they still lack missing reminders – in a few cases, the patch did nothing. It is really not very pleasing if you want to make reminders to take medication or to pay your payments.

In any case, Google says that it is aware of the problems and is running fixes. If you are affected, do not wait long. As Android Police points out, though, the rash of major system errors (the older troubles like an account Trojan horse) will endure in lots. The smartwatch market is now not particularly healthy, and that could not be helped if Android wear customers can not anticipate the most important skills, as promised.


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