U.S. bank Citi clung best to spot in the remote trading industry the primary annual positioning of traders after volume appears on Wednesday despite the loss of around 2 percent in pieces of the total industry.

The survey of money related distributors Euromoney showed the common piece of the pie among the five major banks in the $ 5 trillion per day and stormed back to 41 percent from just shy of 45 percent a year ago.

JP Morgan was again second in the overall sector, which was drawn by the Swiss bank UBS to one-third. Deutsche Bank fell once again to the fifth, while the Bank of America Merrill Lynch went to the fourth place.

The annual survey of Euromoney, which was watched by the members of the planet’s largest market, was dominated by the giant banks. In 2009 the main five banks said a 61.5 percent share and the main 10 close to 80 percent.

While the main ten players in the Wednesday study were again all the loan specialists – representing non-bank liquidity provider XTX Markets – the spread of the piece of cake was much more than in previous years.

The offer from Citi stumbled from 12.93 percent a year before 10.74 percent, while the German for a moment of the year fell to 5.68 percent of 7.88 percent.

Euromoney said that there were currently seven non-bankers in the main 50.


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