Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) recently declared the launch of Qosmos® ixEngine 5.3, a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) library for software developers who wish to embed detailed, real-time visibility into their networking or security products.

With Qosmos® ixEngine 5.3, developers benefit from unique value-added software modules and an improved software development kit.

New value-added software modules:

  • Custom Signature Module: facilitates developers to create their own signatures in data format – gives complete control for classification of local, specific or proprietary protocols or extensions
  • Transactional DPI Module: provides description of user activity within an application (e.g. “download file” inside Facebook) – especially interesting for security products protecting against malware or data loss
  • Automated DPI Module: classifies unknown traffic according to probability – allows early detection of new protocols and applications, which reduces number of unknowns while maintaining acceptable accuracy
  • Rule Engine Module: makes it easier to implement and modify rules for traffic administration and policy control – particularly relevant for Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and malware protection products
  • Deep File Inspection Module: efficient detection of file type, file hashing, and metadata extraction for file reconstruction – required for malware detection and data loss prevention

Improved software development kit:

  • Enriched classification: new, easy-to-use metadata such as “inner transport layer”, “L7 protocol”, “top application”, “content provider”, etc.
  • Improved flow manager, with multi-instance synchronization and fallback mechanisms – especially important for telecom applications which require robustness and high-availability
  • Additional industrial protocol signatures to support IoT and industrial automation applications (SCADA)
  • More frequent releases of protocol signatures, which can be updated without restarting application
  • Binary compatibility – no need to re-compile customer application for upgrades

Qosmos® ixEngine 5.3 is available right away for limited deployment and in Q2 2017 for general deployment.

“Qosmos ixEngine 5.3 makes it even easier for developers to build applications, by leveraging noteworthyimprovements to the development kit and thanks to the addition of unique value-added software modules”, said Thibaut Bechetoille, President of Qosmos. “These modules are comparable to prefab components in the construction industry, and Qosmos, already recognized as an industry innovator, is leading a similar trend in high-tech.”


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