The powerful German fund serves Wolfgang Schäuble has said that the UK would discover “open entry” in Brussels when it comes to the fact that it would not leave the European Union.

Mr. Schäuble said: “It is up to the British government to make their own decisions” and said he had talked about the extraordinary consequence of the general race with Federal Chancellor Philip Hammond.

“It would not make sense if we start with the hypothesis whether this will happen or not,” said Mr. Schäuble in a meeting with Bloomberg TV. “The British government has said that we will stay with the Brexit, and we take the choice as a matter of consideration, as it is possible, on the chance that they had to change their choices, that they would obviously discover open accesses,

“There is still a chance to present Europe, Philip Hammond and myself, we have decided on the main day that Brexit is a choice we must recognize from the British electorate, but we will limit the potential harm and the common Advantage. ”

Mr. Schäuble also said that the enormous victory for the rigid EU Emmanuel Macron in France has strengthened the position of the EU, and the surprisingly solid appearance of Labor and Jeremy Corbyn in the British decision suggested that the nation had an EU-ordered future Could appear as it now appears

The Scottish Conservative pioneer Ruth Davidson has proposed to bring the decision-making result to the Conservatives to search for a less hard-line reproduction of Brexit, which implies the participation of the European single market. Work Yvette Cooper has said that it should be a cross-party commission in the matter.

Then the head of the EU’s head, Brexit, Michel Barnier, pointed out that the British dangers came out of the EU without wasting a proper time to organize.

“A week from now, it will be three months after sending the Article 50 letter,” he told the Financial Times. “We have not arranged, we are not advanced.”


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