Excel Medical (Excel), the leader in Next-Generation Medical Device IntegrationTM (MDI), recently declared that Houston Methodist Hospital is live with Excel’s BedMasterExTM platform to facilitate digital cardiac report integration with the hospital’s Epic electronic health record (EHR). The BedMasterEx technology implementation covers the hospital’s ICUs and telemetry units – totaling 1,119 bed licenses and 67 operating rooms in the main hospital facility.

Houston Methodist Hospital, like many hospitals and medical centers recently, is confronting challenges related to the capture, retention, utilization and integration of high-value patient data, in addition to improving device connectivity. Seeking a solution that would streamline the collection, delivery and accessibility of patient data within its Epic EHR interface, the hospital identified Excel’s BedMasterEx technology as having the best functionality for the remit.

Starting with its ICUs and telemetry units, Houston Methodist Hospital is using BedMasterEx to facilitate a shift from the inefficiencies and inherent risks associated with paper cardiac strips and cardiac shift reports that are manually printed and scanned, to electronic digital cardiac reports and digital cardiac rhythm strips that are integrated into, and right away available within, the hospital’s Epic system for clinician review. By eliminating manual printing and scanning of documentation, BedMasterEx creates streamlined workflows, safer patient handoffs and allows improved, more timely clinical decision-making, all of which benefit the hospital, clinicians and patients.

“Excel’s BedMasterEx technology is assisting us improve patient care and improving patient documentation,” said a representative from Houston Methodist Hospital.

Houston Methodist Hospital, the flagship of the Houston Methodist system, is widely recognized to be at the forefront of adopting technological innovations that enhance its clinical operations and patient care. The deployment of Excel’s BedMasterEx technology reinforces its reputation for innovation by addressing some of the thorniest technical challenges confronting hospitals and medical centers recently, counting medical device data integration and device connectivity.

The hospital was recently named by U.S. News & World Report to its annual “Best Hospitals Honor Roll,” being selected as one of the nation’s top 20 hospitals for the second time (article link: U.S. News simultaneously named it the No. 1 hospital in Texas for the fifth successive year.

“We are excited to work with Houston Methodist,” said Lance Burton, General Manager of Excel Medical. “They are widely considered one of the top hospital systems in the country, a standard against which other hospitals are contrast especially for innovation, patient safety and overall care. Their deployment of our BedMasterEx technology is just the start of many milestones as our work together continues.”

BedMasterEx is part of Excel’s comprehensive “Next-Generation Medical Device Integration” solution, which is comprised of four components:

  1. Bedside Device Integration – Technology that automates the collection and documentation of patient vital signs and other bedside monitor data, reducing errors and giving clinicians access to the most accurate and timely patient data.
  2. Mobile Vitals Capture (MVC) – BedComm MVC improves clinical workflows and documentation, and provides clinicians timely access to patients’ current vital signs. Excel’s BedComm MVC combined with its CarePanelTM technology collect and integrate a hospital’s vital signs monitors’ data from medical surgical areas and deliver them to the EHR. This is accomplished by wirelessly transmitting the vital sign data across the hospital’s existing wireless network using positive patient identification.
  3. Digital Cardiac Reports – Digitizes cardiac rhythm strips and alarm documentation across the clinical enterprise and integrates into the EHR. Makes reports instantly available in the EHR for clinician review, while eliminating the laborious paper drive documentation process seen in most hospitals recently.
  4. Cardiac Monitor Access – Integrates Excel’s BedMasterEx client application with the EHR giving clinicians access to patient monitoring waveforms, vital signs, and alarms with one click of a button.


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