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Fitness care workers accused of hurting disabled people


A Jeffrey Area Healthcare Center worker was arrested Tuesday, accused of touching a disabled guy in a sexual way in July, causing him pain and injury, an arrest affidavit states.

James Wadeberry, 47, of Waco, was arrested after a person who resided at Jeffery Place Healthcare, 820 Jeffrey St., informed his court-associate representative, a man had packed him in a sexual manner and asked if he felt right, after the affidavit The counselor mentioned the information to the Waco police.

Investigators observed injuries to the sufferer one day after the alleged attack.

“(The victim) expressed that the actions of the person caused him pain,” says the affidavit. “the person charged (the victim) now is not to tell anyone, or he would lose his activity.”

Nursing supervisors helped police be aware of the alleged aggressor as Berry, the handiest male licensed nursing assistant on staff affidavit states. Berry is assigned to provide the victims at the time of the incident, in step with the report.

Berry denied any offense to the body of the workers and the investigators but gave contradictory statements after the affidavit.

Police arrested Berry at a Secondary Prison Prison of Injury of a disabled person with reason. He stayed in the McLennan County jail on Tuesday with binding indexing at $ 156,500.

A Jeffrey area administrator said on Tuesday that she was not aware of the Berry arrest and refused to comment on the incident or the credentials’ reputation.


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