With the drive to make Lagos a “cunning” city, which is now more extraordinary than at any time in recent memory, the state handlers were encouraged to push the vision with all the energy and necessary approaches.

As said by experts at the International Conference titled “Towards an Intelligent City,” as a feature of the Lagos at 50 festivities, the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode said the Administration, which is called for change, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) The basic segment of the vision.

At the podium meeting with a sub-subject: ICT-Making Lagos the technology border of Africa, led by founder, MTech, Sheri Williams. The specialists, the Chief Executive Officer, SystemSpec Limited, John Obaro, Managing Director, Accenture, Niyi Yusuf; Founder of EchoVC Partners and Paga, Eghosa Omoigui and Tayo Oviosu separately, and fought a comprehensive promotion of the state including the hinterland.

Yusuf portrayed Smart City as a nation that has incorporated innovation into the city map and the administration. This includes the use of innovations in order to promote appreciation and use in different layers of the framework progress. “Lagos is on the right track to be a cunning city,” he added.

To Omoigui is a versed city self-sufficient, self-sufficient and allows a wide range of quarters to entertain, and in Nigeria, Lagos is the perfect state to drive this advance.

To Obvious that a state “savvy” implies that all administrations are driven electronically using the same information, including those who will be sure that Lagos must be “wise”, it should not sit for Nigeria like a sharp city Should be cutting brilliant well-being, training, and farming, among other things.

From Obama’s point of view, what brought the state and even Nigeria where it is present is not what it will take to be where it would be in another 50 years.

He noted that while the population is developing from their current 22 million, the land mass does not grow, “in this property it is necessary to create a framework that will sustain the general population while we always look after it.”

The SystemSpec Manager, while for the incorporation of robot innovation, invades the development of the state and notices that the primary accounting bundle that leads Nigeria is from Estonia. In this capacity, it has proved important to create Lagos, which can benefit the state outside the state. “We should build a product business,” he said.

On the most competent way to hit the nail on the head, the Accenture manager said the activity must be focused on focusing on the customers, “the residents focused themselves as the guard,” and it should also be public-private Partnership (PPP) with the natives at a basic level.

Supported Yusuf on the PPP-drove model to drive the financing, the EchoVC manager said that it must be a system for them to tell the general population will be sharp when the city is brilliant.

To Obaro, Lagos could not consider the issue of financing for the venture in the light of the fact that the general population is longing for a change and focuses on the demand for the government to also look at the understanding.

Obaro and Oviosu underlined the need to implement Lagos smart city with a competent personality administration framework, where it finally had to pay significantly uniformly for taxpayer-supported organizations.

They demanded the pressing of the Harmonization of the various unique information bases in the nation for a better administration of the country.

In response to a portion of the questions raised, the state governor, Ambode, said “the dexterity must be minuscule from the grassroots,” including the fact that there are societal and political issues to be realized if they do not take care of the whole Procedures.

“As we turn around while we continue to be the main force in Africa, it is a great opportunity to change gears. In the evolving information age, ICT has become the dominant focus, and as a city without boundaries, Lagos has to exploit and become safer Use on the devices of ICT to go into a smart city, “said Ambode.

The governor called for a critical need to strengthen the nationals, regardless of the tribe. “One should be systematic to remove Lagos from Nigeria”.



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