Somewhere before a Starbucks office, I fell behind a medical attendant, whom I still knew in uniform and in the middle of his workday. He looked irritated and amazed. Before, I had captured that there was a tremendous fight under security, the medical caretaker and the medical establishment stubborn contacts more than a simple thing:

If a patient needs a drink of Starbucks, who is busy getting it? Obviously, the medical attendant lost the fight. I offered him a head start when he hurriedly asked the Barista.

The medical attendants I know are, as a rule, obligatory and persevering; They must be often So for them it is not about giving any desire to give the patient what they need Rather it tries to understand what they need and whether medical caretakers are in any position to give it. The medical attendant I saw did not feel irritated, not because of what he thought was a superfluous request from a patient, but since he was considering the patients, he had given up, who also had genuine cares. All in all, the time is from the substance in the medical service sector, and the arrangement of a busy Starbucks line takes time.

Also for specialists, it is an infinite adaptation of the attempt to give patients what they need while they are not overly on what they need We need them to exercise their independence and at the same time provide them with the best alternatives for treatment close. All in all, we have similar goals: to improve the patient, and to the chance that they will be admitted to go home if they can safely.

I believe this is the reason why it is known as the art of medicine. Long days are the days when the specialists can look forward to almost the highest experts and force their decisions on the patients’ throats; Now there are long conversations about patient alternatives and tendencies as it should be. In any case, I always think about whether we are going so far. Long ago, I heard one of my relatives, the basic icy, broken, that their specialist had long been thought to go to school, just to teach them to take a lot of rest and drink a considerable amount of water. The specialist was quite the privilege – the normal child, which often no longer requires, and to give anti-infectives or different medicines can even be volatile. Nevertheless, my relative was dissatisfied with a proper clarification. Is a decent subject – for this situation, the Council – constantly concerned with the patient’s fulfillment?

As an ever-increasing number of companies dare to enter into the patient an inside and outside, brilliant experience supermarkets that convey in front of your doorstep, internet shopping, individual beauticians who have gone to your home and leave you with another wardrobe, And Cetera-in social insurance, patients have usually expected something similar. It can be an alternating thing in the open healing centers, but in private, it happens that the patients pretend that the care is presented with all the grinning silence – I might dare to discover a Sophia – a five-star guest inn With all the speed of a pre-cooked McDonalds burger. It is not wrong to expect that the quick ending is ended with a grin – a lesson we perform as a whole in the first run by specialists for rude or offended feelings – but maybe there are lines that we can not currently seem to.

It is emphasized that it is always a question of the fact that the whole population is at the base of the chain, which invests most of the energy with the patients themselves and is in the forefront to receive inquiries or feedback: medical caretakers, nurses, junior specialists,, And other employees. They live in fear of episodes reports and end. They do not have the office to call no They are not equipped to fight even in the unusual examples when words are unjustified or calls are pointless and can really negotiate the time and assets that should be assigned to different patients.



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