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Most contact lens wearers make this kind of mistake


New studies must serve as an eye-opener in the importance of protection when it comes to athletic contact lenses.
Managing the files from centers for disorder and preventing most people from adolescents and adults who wear touch glasses as at least a habit that puts them in danger of contamination.
Eye infections can cause serious problems, including blindness, so the CDC reminds touch lens mount, the precise use and care for his or her lenses are of utmost importance to the protection.
“Contact lenses are a safe and powerful way to make your imagination and forewarning accurate when they are worn and cared for, as supported,” said Dr. Jennifer Cope, a CDC medical epidemiologist, in an announcement. “But youth and adults can improve the way they deal with their touch lenses to reduce their risk of serious eye infections.

At least one out of seven teenagers and one in six adults in the US contributed contact lenses in 2016. In line with the CDC, about eighty-five percent of them reported at least one behavior that threatened them for a critical touch lens eye contamination
In adolescents who include the most typically suggested risky behaviors: no longer travel the doctor at least once a year, sleep or sleep with contacts in and swim while carrying contacts.

Among the human contact lens wearers, the unsafe practices that are not as often displaced, as often prescribed, not often replacing camp instances and dozing or swimming at the same time as sports contact lenses.

Professionals say wearing contact lenses increase your risk of having a serious eye contamination caused by germs usually found in water, but practicing healthy habits can help keep appropriate eye health.

The CDC and the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommend the following safety suggestions:
Update your contact box frequently. Germs are much more likely to get the case if they are not changed frequently now. This leads to greater headaches and eye problems.

Go to your ophthalmologist every yr. Annual in-man or woman eye examines whether or not now your recipe changes and examines the eye and joint fitness.

Purchase your touch lenses from a dependent on the source. Touch lenses are regulated via the FDA, but some online stores sell them without prescriptions and occasionally supply contact lenses of the wrong prescription. Poorly equipped contact lenses can damage the armor of revenge, which could lead to irreversible vision loss.

Do not sleep or sleep simultaneously with contact lenses. Sleeping in contact lenses will increase the risk of an eye infection by six to eight instances.
Do not swim or bathe simultaneously with load bearing lenses. Touch lenses can carry germs from the water into the eye, which can lead to infection.

Do not always touch contacts. Common contacts are shared with germs and microorganisms that will increase the likelihood of contamination and headaches.

In no way use tap water to smooth and rinse lenses. Touch solutions move mucus, secretions, films or deposits that can all build up through the use and lead to bacterial elevation when no longer well removed.

In no way rely on tap water to hold your lenses because it consists of bacteria and other microorganisms that have been detected to motivate extreme eye infections.


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