A further compensation plan for the loss of money would help to trust in the division, which says the leader of a money related to the surveying board.

The educator, Ian Ramsay, who leads an autonomous survey on the nation’s external question, contends that the quantity of customers who have been extended by the Austrian household companies is a sign that the current framework is not working.

“There is an integral part of injustice here, individuals who have lost cash, have experienced the path to the experience of the ombudsman and have a choice to support them and not to be paid,” he said.

“It is a double misfortune that one could say: You endure the misfortune … and then you will not be paid.”

Almost $ 14 million in unpaid remuneration is attributable to the losses of the financial reminder and the insult, as announced in the latest issue paper of the Executive Board.

These are buyers who have been regarded by the Ombudsman as being qualified for the remuneration because of extortion, criminal or terrible admonitions, but since then, B. Debt never paid.

“The majority of these conclusions are in the money related arranging zone, and a typical purpose behind non-installment payment is liquidation or bankruptcy,

The Ramsay survey was entrusted with considering the prerequisite for a wage plan of the last turn to dare if every single other system falls flat.

It is a piece of extended subscription rights for the Board, which also considers the prerequisite for the review of the losses of the past debate.

Under thoughts are paid plans, for example, exgratia rates and plans like those set up for asbestos and sexual manhandle victims.

The Management Board also checks whether the payroll plan should be checked.

The Consumer Action Law Center said that each plan should also apply to violations from dodgy recognition suppliers and additional budget organizers.

“Fourteen million is an immense sum for the individuals still for the division in general, it is a little cost to pay to remake trust,” said Officer Cat Newton said.

The Executive Board will examine whether the plan can be used as part of the circumstances in which a court or a candidate has requested that a buyer or an independent company be remunerated and that this has not happened.


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