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special antibacterial scrubs for nurses do not fend off germs


“Fitness care companies must remember that they can grow to be contaminated with the help of their sufferers and the environment near sufferers.

Although no longer powerful, we saw this risk for contamination removal by using that Tissues of nurses scrubs, “said lead observation author Dr. Deverick Anderson.

Anderson heads the Duke University Center for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention.

For the observation, the researchers followed forty nurses who carried three types of scrubs over three 12-hour shifts, in which they monitored one or two patients in medical or surgical intensive care units. The Scrub styles disguised: a traditional cotton-polyester blend; one concerned with the silver alloy in fibers and managed to kill the microorganism.

The investigators observed germs by taking cultures from the garment with the help of the nurses and also from the sick and the medical institution’s environment over the nurses – including mattress rails, beds, and delivery vehicles.

The results confirmed that the scrubs were contaminated at the same stage regardless of the type and that the new contamination occurred in the course of -0.33 of the shifts. A germ called Staphylococcus aureus changed most frequently.

“There is no aspect of a sterile environment.” Bacteria and pathogens will be constantly in the environment, “Anderson said in a reintroduction from the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of us.

“Hospitals want to create and use protocols to implement health care, and patients and family members need to feel empowered to invite fitness care companies if they can do the whole lot to their loved one to preserve micro organism the environment, “he said.

The researchers recommended that the scrubs have not preserved germs at bay because their antibacterial properties were not robust enough to combat chronic exposure to germs over short periods of time.


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