The EU Treasurer has issued a notification to EU Member States not to start a “race to the grass” to start the business when the United Kingdom leaves the coalition.

The conclusion, which is distributed by the European Securities Supervision Authority (Esma), “intends to merge supervision”, since money managers may try to move out of the British Post-Brexit.

It found that organizations can try to set up “mailboxes” in one of the remaining 27 sub-states to use the EU status while they usually retain most of the exercises in the UK.

“The United Kingdom is a significant part of the EU money market, and the migration of substances, exercises and capacities into the EU27 is a typical circumstance that requires a typical effort at EU level, speculative security, the efficient work of monetary policy To defend markets and budgetary strength, “said Esmas headquarters Steven Maijoor.

The outsourcing and assignment of commitments to third parties that the United Kingdom will include after the launch from the alliance should be “fully restricted and reliably regulated”.

Esma identified nine standards that should be retained by sub-states, including the not-for-granted recognition of existing entitlements, when a company moves, verifies the goal behind a migration, and does not outsource or assign to third parties, except under strict conditions.

The controller also stated that it would create an assembly, the surveillance coordination network, to enable national experts to talk about cases of migrating British commercials.


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