Home Technology Wecast Network to Launch Virtual Commerce (“V Market”) Solution in Q2 2017

Wecast Network to Launch Virtual Commerce (“V Market”) Solution in Q2 2017


Wecast Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: WCST) (“Wecast” or the “Company” or “WCST”), declared recently that the Company is presently concluding final testing of a B2B virtual reality (“VR”), augmented reality (“AR”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) –facilitated commerce technology solution (“V Market”) that will be launched in Q2 2017. Consumer electronics and IT components will be the first product categories launched utilizing Wecast’s SaaS (Software as a Service) B2B V Market solutions.

From a high-level perspective, VR is an immersive, three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that a user interacts with while wearing a special headset. AR and 360 degree viewing are less immersive, but can be accessed via the consumers’ own mobile devices. It overlays information or computer-generated content on the real world, as seen through the device’s camera. Both allow customers to move through a store, showroom or warehouse just as they normally would, while simultaneously encountering products in a whole new sensory channel. AR and VR gives customers access to in-depth information on fit, manufacturing, uses and cross-sell opportunities.

The key, is that both AR and VR can create extensions to multiple commerce components: the storefront, the available inventory, the brand, content related to the brand, the accessibility of a product and overall procurement.

It is Wecast’s intention to expand its V Market solution, not only to additional product categories in 2017, but also towards B2C retail usage As final testing is being accomplished for B2B purposes, Wecast has uploaded to the Wecast Network corporate website two videos demonstrating general V Market capabilities and feel.